Text Box: Todd Thorne has been absolutely nuts about writing and storytelling shortly after he learned the world requires a person to have a understandable vocabulary. Heís been inventing ever since, bending and using words to advance his many nefarious plots and schemes. So far, itís working (shhh!).
Todd likes creating just about any length of story: short, super short, blink-of-an-eye, and, of course, sleep-stealing novels. But you better prepare yourself for a journey to places dark, twisted and strange because Todd doesnít tend to write tales that people would call feel-good or comfy.
If all this entices and excites you, then welcome aboard. Youíve certainly come to the right place. Buckle in and do enjoy the ride. Just beware though. This could get a bit bumpy.



Copyright © 2012 Todd Thorne

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