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Chasing tornadoes that chase you back.

This wasn't what Raven signed up for on her first university summer research program. The good news was she'd blundered into the perfect setup: four years of free education for a degree that, surprisingly, just might be her true calling. Even better, their research outcome could be a monumental game changer that spared many lives needlessly slaughtered each year by tornadoes.

The bad news? Nothing's for free.

Take a deranged woman making impossible, deadly predictions. Add fellow students being relentlessly blackmailed and coerced. Top with a murderous professor in her bed and at the heart of a monstrous coverup having lethal implications. So many dark secrets swirled around a tangled mystery that grew more bizarre and sinister the deeper Raven dug. Solving it would likely cost her everything, but she must try.

Assuming the oddly-behaving tornadoes even let her.

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Contains: Game Over, Perfect Soldier, Chaperone, Shadows in the Mirror, To Soar Free, Playing With Fire and The Fisherman
The future does not look bright . . .
Seven dark and gritty tales of what-if from Todd Thorne describe a troubled tomorrow on the small scale, from the eyes of a few people enduring it. These doses span a little dystopia, doomsday, technology run amuck, and the bad side of virtual reality. Six of these stories were previously published in this 33,000 word collection of darker days to come.

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