Todd Thorne has been absolutely nuts about writing and storytelling shortly after he learned the world requires a person to have an understandable vocabulary. He’s been inventing ever since, bending and using words to advance his many nefarious plots and schemes. So far, it’s working (shhh!).

Todd enjoys creating just about any length of story: short, blink-of-an-eye, long but not too long, and of course, sleep-stealing novels. But you better prepare yourself for a journey to places dark, twisted and strange because Todd doesn’t tend to write tales people would call feel-good or comfy. No guarantees of a happy ending in the stories populating Todd’s world. Take heed.

Todd grew up fascinated by technology and the way it influences our lives, both good and bad. While we’d like to think all the world’s problems and woes can be banished or at least blunted by technical innovation, all too often our fancy toys and tools fail to deliver the way we hoped. And that’s when things go right. When they go wrong, well, that has the makings of a spine-tingling story. Which is why many of Todd’s tales explore some facet of technology gone awry, amuck or just afoul of expectations.

When he’s not writing, Todd lives with his wife in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Brutal, oppressive Texas summers do two things for Todd. They make him want to write more in an air conditioner’s soothing embrace. Barring that, they make him ponder friends and acquaintances living in northern latitudes that he hasn’t visited in quite some time.

If all this entices and excites you, then welcome aboard. You’ve certainly come to the right place. Buckle in and do enjoy the ride. Just beware though, this could get a bit bumpy.


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