She sought her place, potential and purpose. Who knew a killer guarded them inside a whirling cone of havoc and death?

Raven hated suffocating. So after nineteen years of relentless maternal smothering she fled from lifeless vacuum to utopia, at least Austin’s reasonable approximation thereof, where a girl might discover herself and have some fun. Freewheeling turns to awe when she becomes an instrumental part of cutting-edge research that, with sufficient and dangerous determination, could stop a needless annual slaughter.

Emboldened by her newfound noble purpose, Raven commits to a covert experiment led by her benefactor and bedmate, the enigmatic professor Roy. To her horror Roy proves to be another tyrant, one that delights in abuse and murder, and she’s caught up in a swirling tangle of lies, treachery and evil–the kind she fears she can’t escape from unscathed or even alive.

With her own life and countless others hanging in the balance, can she find a way to defeat Roy and complete the research without demolishing everything and herself in the process?

Maelstrom Rising is an edgy thriller novel dripping with sarcasm. If you enjoy shocking twists and turns, ratcheting suspense and snarky geeks testing their mettle, then Todd Thorne’s gripping tale is for you.

Take Maelstrom Rising out for a spin today.

The future does not look bright…

Seven dark and gritty tales of what-if from Todd Thorne describe a troubled tomorrow on the small scale, from the eyes of a few people enduring it. These doses span a little dystopia, doomsday, technology run amuck, and the bad side of virtual reality.

Stories in this 33,000 word collection of darker days to come include: Game Over, Perfect Soldier, Chaperone, Shadows in the Mirror, To Soar Free, and The Fisherman, all of which were previously published. An additional new story is included along with introductory commentary and insights by Todd for each tale.

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